Stain service for 3-seater sofas (3 years)
Stain service for 3-seater sofas (3 years)

Stain service for 3-seater sofas (3 years)



Spot on your new 3-seater sofa?

When you purchase your new 4x6 SOFA 3-seater sofa, you have the option of a Protexx staining service for 3 years. This maintenance product will help you keep your new three-seater looking good for longer. Protexx Textile Portector is a renowned brand in the field of fibre protection of upholstery fabrics. It is a water-based fibre protector and contains, among other things, the so-called fluorocarbon. This fabric ensures that each individual fibre is provided with an invisible protective layer all around. And this without affecting the appearance of the corner sofa or the feel of the fabric.

How does the stain service work?

  • Upon delivery of your 4x6 SOFA three-seater sofa, you will receive a Protexx maintenance package and a service certificate.
  • Inject the loose seating elements (directly from the package) with the fibre spray from the maintenance package according to the instructions on the spray can.
  • Keep the original 4x6 SOFA invoice and service receipt.

What does the service involve?

The Protexx fibre spray protects the fabric against most oil, grease and water based stains. The stain remains on the fabric and does not penetrate the fabric. The service applies to many stains, e.g. caused by:

Drinking, think of:

  • coffee and tea stains
  • chocolate milk
  • cola and fruit juices
  • red wine or beer

Eat like:

  • Pasta sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Chocolate pasta
  • Chewing gum
  • Ketchup etc

But also nasty accidents like:

  • blood
  • perspiration
  • or faeces of, for example, the cat or dog

Do you have a stain? Then simply clean it by dabbing it with a dry clean (preferably white cotton) cloth. Attention: keep dabbing and never rub. Certainly not with loveseats lined with cotton, you will make it worse.

For stubborn stains you will find a multicleaner in the maintenance package. This makes cleaning easier. Here too, the rule applies: only dab, not rub.

Can't remove the stain? If so, do not experiment yourself but do not contact the Protexx stain service within 3 working days via +31 (0)553575411. They will always offer a suitable solution. If necessary, a professional cleaner will come to your home to remove the stain free of charge.

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