23 July 2020
4x6 SOFA: invented by 2 childhood friends looking for the ideal sofa
Suzanne Orie Ellen Oord 4x6 sofa b.v.
By now it is October 2018 and we are one and a half year further. We found a nice showroom at Goeds design store in Zaandam, behind Loods 5. Here you will find all 6 models and also the 24 colors on the roll so we can show what a color does to your sofa.

The collection of sofas and the choice of colors in the fabrics is clear and yet offers enough choice so that many people can compose their ideal sofa. The nice thing is that we rarely see the same sofa pass by. Each combination of fabric, model and version gives a different picture.

Curious to see if your ideal sofa is there? Take a look at our website or get inspired by Instagram or in our showroom. We are happy to help you on your way.