5 things you need to know before you buy a velvet sofa.


The trend in the house: velvet, velvet or velvet

Velvet, velvet, velvet, or whatever you want to call it. This soft fabric has been at the top of the interior design scene for a number of years now. It is justifiably a continuing trend. With velvet you give your home and furnishings a chic and modern look without having to cost a lot of money. Are you also thinking about buying a velvet armchair or a velvet corner sofa? Then these are definitely the five things you need to know before you add a velvet piece of furniture to your interior.

1. How does velvet go with my dog or cat?

Pets together with velvet furniture do not seem an ideal combination at first sight. However, with a velvet or velour fabric, it really isn't a problem at all. Or a material such as velvet wears out faster than other fabrics and materials? Exactly not! Velvet is 100% polyester, which is known for its user-friendly quality and it is also easy to maintain. This is because the velvet fabric absorbs less moisture and dirt than other fabrics. This property makes it ideal for you and your pet! Another advantage of the soft fabric is that it does not - or less quickly - invite your dog or cat to scratch open the velvet furniture. Also, the dog and/or cat hair can easily be removed from the velvet with an adhesive roller. Handy! A velvet sofa is therefore definitely pet-proof.

2. Is velvet a strong fabric?

Nothing like having a moment to yourself after a long, busy day. Relax on your own 'classy' velvet corner sofa or velour 3-seater sofa. Even after thousands of times 'sitting' and 'getting up', your sofa remains in a good condition. The fact that over time wear and tear would develop in that cosy corner where you happen to like to sit, is therefore not at all correct. Velvet is very strong. This is due to the dense structure of the fabric. When we talk about furniture fabrics, this is inextricably linked to Martindale. Martindale is the value attributed to the wear resistance of a piece of furniture. Just to get an idea: from a value of 35,000 you can hardly expect complaints. This is exactly the reason why at 4x6 SOFA we only offer velvet fabrics with a Martindale value of at least 35,000. Don't you feel the need to regularly clean your velvet sofa or protect it from dirt? With the Protexx staining service, your sofa or armchair will still look good even after ten years!

3. What is shading?

Does a velvet sofa only have advantages, advantages and good properties? Actually, we would say 'YES' straight away, but of course there is a group that is less charmed by the 'shading' in the fabric. Velvet is a woven fabric with short open loops. When these loops are cut, small 'hairs' are created. These short 'hairs' create the well-known soft and shiny fabric, which in turn invites you to keep rubbing it with your hand. Sweeping over the fabric brings about a certain colour change, which we also call 'shading'. This occurs because the poles are woven in one direction and when you brush the poles against the whiff, they change colour. This creates a light/dark effect. So when you get up from the couch after a nice evening watching TV, your print is most likely reflected in the pillow. Just wipe it and it's gone, but if you don't like this playful effect, another fabric might be better for you.

4. What are the advantages of velvet?

A velvet sofa cover seems to be a disadvantage, but is it? Take as little risk as possible of discolouring your piece of furniture and go for velvet. In the end, most fabrics and materials will discolour if you put your furniture in full sunshine. Admittedly, natural materials and dark colours discolour more quickly than light colours and fabrics with a synthetic fibre, such as polyester. So if you have a house with lots of light, a polyester upholstery for your sofa (including velvet, velvet and velvet) is the ideal solution! Haven't heard enough about the advantages of this soft fabric velvet? Then we have another perfect argument for all supporters: a velvet fabric won't piss. Pills are also the balls or fluff that form on the edges of your seat.

5. What is the difference between velvet, velvet and velour?

Perhaps the nicest reason to buy velvet seating furniture is the high level of cuddles in the fabric. By choosing a harder and firmer model and combining it with a velvet fabric, the sofa is still very comfortable to relax on. In addition, a velvet fabric always gives a luxurious look in the house. And be honest; who wouldn't want that?! But when do we actually call the fabric velvet and when do we call it velvet or velour? With velvet we can keep it short; it is the English term for the word velvet. Velvet is basically a French name for the word velvet, but there is a small difference between the two. Velvet is the cut version of velvet and is soft due to the loosening, pulling or roughening of the pole loops. For this reason it is also slightly less shiny than velvet, so that question has finally been answered.

Is there anything else that - after reading this blog - prevents you from buying a velvet armchair, velvet corner sofa or velvet loveseat?

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