colour sample #05 rust brown uni
colour sample #05 rust brown uni

colour sample #05 rust brown uni




100% PES



Light fastness


Are you looking for a strong fabric for your sofa? Synthetic fibres such as polyester and acrylic are wear and stain resistant. Artificial fibres are also less likely to discolour due to sunlight. Fortunately, today's technological developments are such that the fabrics have a soft touch and a beautiful matte look just as well.

This fabric is a mix of chenille yarns and synthetic yarns. The chenille gives the fabric a soft and voluminous feel. Keep in mind that a loop or loose thread can be created by a ring or buckle, for example. This can be stitched back with a fine blunt embroidery needle. The fabric is woven from strong synthetic yarns and has a very high Martindale of 100,000. The fabric is suitable for both solid upholstery and loose upholstery.


There is a lot to tell about the maintenance of your couch because each stain requires its own treatment. But one thing is really important to know with every stain accident: NEVER rub! More tips on maintenance can be found in our blogs and at the bottom of this page. If you want to be sure of a stain-free sofa for the first few years, the 3 years of stain service might be something for you.

time & delivery

We hebben 8 tot 12 weken nodig om jouw bank te maken. Kun je niet wachten dan hebben we ook altijd banken uit voorraad leverbaar of we kunnen een leenbank beschikbaar stellen tegen de transportkosten van €159,-

Het bezorgen van een reguliere zitbank, op de begane grond, in Nederland kost €99,- voor een modulaire bank bestaande uit 2 elementen. Voor elk volgende element komt er 29,- bij.

We leveren ook in België en Duitsland. De bezorgkosten zijn op aanvraag.

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