Modular benches in 24 colours


Create your own sofa with our separate elements

Lovely loungy with lots of cushions and a soft plaid or in a design setting with 1 luxurious decorative cushion; you can go all directions with the popular and modular corner sofa X6! By adding a number of elements, you make the sofa completely modular and you can put together the sofa of your dreams exactly the way you want it. From 3-seater sofa to U-shape, any arrangement is possible.

The 8 modular configurations in pictures

With or without loungechair/chaise longue? An armrest on the left, right or both sides? Do you go for a corner element or do you prefer to keep one side open for the ideal lounge effect? You've already noticed; there are plenty of choices to be made! And then we only make it more difficult, because this modular sofa is also available in 24 colours. That's why we've worked out the most popular combinations for you on the website and in our showroom in Naarden. Take a look at a number of different elements, modules and possibilities:

For an arrangement of 2 modules with a width varying between 243 and 286 cm:

Or choose the X6 modular LARGE with 3 modules with a width varying between 340 and 386 cm:

A straight sofa is of course also possible:

Once you have made your choice and put together the various elements, we will customise the modules especially for you. Therefore, take into account a delivery time of about 8 to 10 weeks.

Elements sofa for large and small living rooms (and everything in between)

From a fine compact 3-seater for a small living room to a modular seating island for up to 6 - or more - people in a loft-like space; with the 4x6 SOFA element X6 sofa you can build your own sofa entirely to your taste. Besides the combinations we have on our website, there are of course many other possibilities to create your ideal sofa using the different elements. And the nice thing is that when you're ready for a change in your home, you can change all the modules every season to come to a new composition. Super handy!

To be able to puzzle at home at your leisure, you will find an overview of all the elements below. The dimensions and names of the elements are described. This way we avoid confusing a 'corner element left' with a 'corner element right'.

Longchair module left as image (or right)

Width x Depth x Height = 122 x 168 x 66 cm

Lounge module left or right (as image)

Width x Depth x Height = 166 x 103 x 66 cm

Intermediate piece

Width x Depth x Height = 88 x 103 x 66 cm

Corner module left (as shown) or right

Width x Depth x Height = 119 x 103 x 66 cm


Width x Depth x Height = 61 x 103 x 42 cm

Good to know: All elements are upholstered all around and can be connected by means of a metal attachment that you can slide under the bench when you don't want to use it so that it is not visible.

Tip: Explain the arrangement of the elements with newspapers at home on the floor so that you can get a good idea of the size of the newly conceived modular sofa. Leave it there for a day so that you can assess whether the walk is correct and - not unimportantly - everyone can find their favourite spot in the new seating area.

Colour your sofa elements

At 4x6 SOFA we love colour and sofas. Our sofas are available in 6 models, 24 colours and they always have 1 fixed price. This also applies to the elements sofa. All elements can be ordered in 24 trendy colors. Go for example for a beautiful natural color, or make a statement with a pronounced color in velvet. It's even more fun to combine! Take different shades of grey in cotton, plain and velvet and mix & match for a playful whole. In our showroom in Naarden we have all 24 colours on the roll so you can see if the preconceived colour combination on large samples still works out well. Doing some preliminary work at home? Then ask for the colour samples of your favourite colours.

Also very nice... the price! On a modular bench of 4x6 SOFA you'll be just a little bit more comfortable when you know that we always offer our elements for a good and fixed price. The arrangement for a 3-seater sofa costs € 999,-, no matter what colour. If you choose an arrangement with 2 modules, the price is always € 1.299,-. For configurations with 3 modules the price is € 1.699,-.

Do you still have questions? Then you can always email us. Or come to the showroom in Naarden with your building plan. We will be happy to think along with you about the possible combinations in terms of set-up, colour choice and choice of fabric. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00-17:00, or by appointment.

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