7 colour trends for your sofa that will be totally hot in 2020!


Interior design ideas: Get inspired by these living trends.

We have to show colour. Choosing the colour of your sofa is not an easy decision. "Does the colour match the floor, the wall and, of course, the rest of the interior? The most important thing is of course that you look for a sofa in a color that suits you. Because you do not want to buy a new sofa in two years. After all, trends are very personal and everyone has a different taste, but to inspire you, we'd like to show you these 7 trendy colours for your sofa (in 2020)!

Looking for your colours

Inspiration for your living room is often about the layout and material choices. But colours are also important tastemakers in your living room. Let's start by looking at what your colours are now. Not because they are 'in', but because they suit you.

1. | Up and coming: Brown becomes the new black.

Or in the case of sofas, the new dark gray. We've ventured into it and added a rusty brown - a real spice colour that fits the 'Morocco romance' feeling. But how do you combine such a rusty brown in your living room? For example tone-in-tone with caramel and old pink.

Model X4 colour #01 rust brown velvet

Model X6 colour #01 rust brown velvet

Or with contrast colours such as dark grey/green and an exuberant dress

Model X4 colour #02 dark blue uni

And for those who think the step to a sofa in rust brown velour is a bit too big: rust can also very well serve as a background for a more neutral sofa such as dark blue.

2. | The top 3, green, green!

It is perhaps the successor to the ageing naturelings that have been popular for years. Green is a colour that brings peace to your surroundings and fits in with many daily rituals. In addition, shades of green connect seamlessly with nature and, in the right combination, also brings warmth into your home. That's why here 3x green for your corner sofa and yet 3x just different (but happen to be all 3 in velvet):

Model X1 color #16 olive green

Model X5 colour #13 dark green

Model X2 colour #24 petrol green

3. | Colour combination in your seating area with powder pink

Pink you see coming back in many variations. And why not once for your couch. We have added two new colours of pink for 2020. For the uni's we found a slightly greyish old pink (color #05). A powder pink colour that matches beautifully with greyed natures like taupe, light grey and chalk white:

Model X1 colour #05 old pink uni

And we have chosen a warm old pink velvet (color #19) which combines beautifully with vintage dark green as background color.

Model X5 color #19 old pink velvet

Soft colors: Green eucalyptus...

And another pastel color that is sure to stay is soft green. Also very nice with natural or more exciting; in combination with gold, sunny yellow and dark mustard shades.

Model X1 color #06 soft green uni

5. | Bold colours: Ochre-yellow or curry-yellow

Do you really like color? No problem next season. It can be over the top! And then with an ochre-yellow corner sofa welding eye-catcher in the house. The more modern models X6, X4 and X1 are perfect for this:

Model X1 color #20 ochre yellow uni

6. | The trend that remains: BLUE!

Beautiful in warm velvet

Model X5 in color #21 dark blue velvet

Or modern, in a strong plain fabric, tightly upholstered on a design corner sofa

Model X4 in colour #02 dark blueuni

7. |If you really can't choose: Beige Melange

Do you like everything and you really can't choose? Then go for color #09, beige blend. This melange fabric is made up of three colours: taupe, beige and ecru. A light sofa with a warm look.

Model X6 in colour #09 beige melange

The shop for colour and sofas

At 4x6 SOFA you will find all 6 models online in all 24 colours. Would you like to try them out and see the colour in real life? Then visit our showroom in Naarden. In Naarden you will find all 6 models and all 24 colours on the roll. This way we can easily give you an impression of the sofa to your taste. Are you enthusiastic and would you like to order the sofa? Then we will make it especially for you. So you won't find your 4x6SOFA sofa anywhere else in a hurry.

No time to come to Naarden yet? Ask for a colour sample on our website.

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