Corner bench vs Four-seater


A small living room and yet the comfort of a corner sofa! How about a straight 4-seater sofa?

The sofa is a very defining piece of furniture in your living room. And not only visually. In practical terms, a sofa also determines the layout of your living room. Especially if you choose a corner sofa. And why not, how nice it is to have enough seating space for 4 people. With a wonderfully lazy lounge area as a nice place to relax with a book after a long, busy day. Or to sit down on the couch with your sweetheart and / or children to watch a movie. In short, such a spacious comfortable couch is your most central place in the house. But not everyone has a large house with a spacious living room where a corner sofa often up to 3 meters wide and 170 to 200cm deep comes into its own. So what is a good solution?

The layout of your living room

Let's start at the beginning: Important starting point is of course the shape of your living room? Is it elongated and narrow, compact and square or do you have a living room in the common L-shape. And where do you put the sofa? Is the sofa against the wall, centrally like an island or at right angles to the wall so that there is a 2 division in your living room between, for example, the dining and sitting area? And would you like to be able to watch TV together or have a drink and a chat with each other or maybe sit around the fireplace? Of course you can make a sketch in your computer or on paper, but what appeals more to the imagination is to tape the surface of your desired sofa to the floor (e.g. with newspapers or painting tape) and leave it there for 1 or 2 days. This way you will soon feel if this is a size and arrangement that will work for you.

Spacious corner sofa or a 4-seater sofa with footstool

If a corner sofa seems to take up a little too much space, then the corner sofa model X5 might be a good solution. This corner sofa is more compact without looking small. The bench measures 275cm wide and the lounge area is 150 cm deep.

For an island solution, model X6 is again very suitable. Because on one side the backrest stops a bit earlier you get a very spacious effect. And also in width and depth this corner sofa takes up a little less space: 286 cm wide and 160 cm deep to be precise. Moreover, the chaise longue part of this lounge sofa is extra wide, 120 cm. Isn't it nice? That's enough space to watch TV together and stretch both legs.

If both corner sofas do not offer a suitable solution, you could look at a 4-seater sofa. In combination with a matching footstool you would have the advantages of a corner sofa but on slightly less square meters and you would be a bit more flexible. The width of the four-seater varies from 260cm to 280cm. The depth is equal to a 3-seater bench, so depending on the model between 85 and 105cm. Because the footstool is in the same model as the sofa, and therefore has the same height as the sofa, you can still sit very comfortably with your legs stretched out on the sofa.

Enough possibilities

With the 6 models in 24 colours and different versions, 4x6 SOFA offers plenty of possibilities. And that doesn't always make the choice any easier. Because do you opt for a spacious corner sofa or is a 4-seater sofa with a footstool more practical in the space available to you? And does that beautiful footstool match a corner sofa or is it really getting too crowded and full? Lots of questions to think about before you actually buy your dream sofa. We like to think along with you with 4x6 SOFA. So whether you live in a small, city apartment in Amsterdam, or live in the quiet out of town and have a living room to which you say, at 4x6 SOFA we will find a solution that suits your living room.

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