Corner bench X1 comfort & design


A modern corner sofa with chaise longue where you can relax after a long working day? Or rather a couch with loose hocker? Model X1 is truly our universal friend where design and comfort are optimally combined.

Comfortable design

For a corner sofa, comfort and design often seem difficult to combine, but in our showroom we often hear that model X1 offers the right comfort for many different seating needs. What gives this model such a comfortable seat are the loose cushions that for many people have the right softness in terms of comfort without you being unable to stand on them. And the seat height and depth are just not too high and just not too low. What's more, the back cushions are sturdy and high enough for the right support in the back. As well as sitting well, you can also lie comfortably on the 170 cm long lounge area. If the corner sofa with chaise longue is just a little too long and/or too wide for your living room, we have a nice alternative of the same model: the 4-seater sofa with matching footstool. The straight sofa for 4 persons is 276 cm wide and the 3-seater is 222 cm wide. You are then slightly more flexible in terms of space. In both versions, 2 mega seat cushions are used instead of 3 or 4 so that the design feeling is retained.

Available in 24 colours

Sofa X1 is again available in 24 colours. And each fabric quality and/or color gives a different look, so this sofa fits in many different living rooms. For example with one of the washed cotton fabric covers you get an industrial look, a sturdy corner sofa.

In the soft velour fabrics, sofa X1 has a completely different look. There is a choice of 8 colours of velvet: from a classic taupe to a trendy olive green or rust brown. All velour qualities are synthetic.

Also very nice! the X1 in uni colours. Think of ochre yellow, soft green or old pink so that just the slender design comes into its own. Do you think such a pronounced colour is a bit too risky for your sofa? Then choose a nice basic grey in uni or melange quality. The greys go well with the warm colours of 2020 as well as with a light and calm, more Scandinavian interior.

The composition of the fabrics is also positive; the synthetic yarns have quite a few positive properties:

1. Is your sofa in full sun? The lightfastness of polyester and polyacrylic yarns is clearly better than cotton. In addition, light colours will discolour less quickly than dark yarns.

2. Durable; the selected fabrics have a Martindale that is sufficient for use in public areas. So for use at home it will also suffice.

3. Easy maintenance: Fabrics based on synthetic yarns are dirt-repellent and less likely to absorb moisture. In addition, model X1 has loose covers for the seat and back cushions so that you can steam them easily.

Warranty and maintenance

On the corner sofas of 4x6 SOFA you get 3 years manufacturer's warranty on the construction and quality of the fabric assuming normal use. Should you wish to protect the upholstery against stains, we recommend that you inject the sofa with a fibre protector at the time of purchase. We work together with the company Protexx for optimal protection of our sofas. They are the largest stain protector in the Netherlands and offer a protection package for 3 years. Click here for more information about this product.


For the delivery we work together with a professional furniture transporter who not only brings the couch, but also unpacks for you, places it and takes the waste with you.

With places we also mean assembling the legs and connecting the lounge area to the sofa. A corner sofa consists of 2 packages, packed in cardboard and plastic and possibly a separate package for the legs. Once the couch is unpacked and put together, there is a lot of packing material left over that the transporter takes back with him. The packing material is then separated, the plastic from the carton/paper, so that it can be processed correctly.

If you live on one floor, it is possible (for an additional fee) to reserve a lift or time and manpower to lift the couch up the stairs. There is also the option (for an additional charge) to take your old sofa with you. You can indicate this when making the delivery appointment.

If you have a bus at your disposal and are able to pick up the bank yourself, this is possible.

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